24 replies to Masha – Siberian Mouses – Black dress

  1. moremashaandfriends

    More of her? Oh yeah, thank you! Don’t forget her friend’s sets…

  2. Anonymous

    this is the type of girls we desire and love to see more of on this site

  3. DD53

    yes i remember siberian mouse and OMG it was great Masha was sexy then and still so gorgeous they model they’re girls good Masha had a perfect body sweet little titts and ass i loved siberian mouse thanks you 🙂

  4. Arturo621

    Every body will love more fo Masha …PLEASE !!!
    Thanks for sharing , Anyway!

  5. Swissguy

    Masha is just a perfect 10! Her face is perfect. Her shape is perfect. Her personality on screen looks perfect.
    Honestly, with todays opportunities in Social Media a girl like her could be a huge star.
    Like Katya Clover, if you remember her. She is big in Instagram now and beautiful then ever, just check @katyonok.
    Does anyone know more about the career of Masha?

  6. Name

    I Don’t understand why they Don’t post more pictures of masha? Does anyone know where i can see more pictures of her

  7. Swissguy

    @Name – I think posting more about her is a bit risky. It’s more then enough finding some sets of this young goddess here ;). If you are comfortable with Tor and the “DN”, you will find more of her.

  8. Anonymous

    I have many videos of her. She is sooooo sexy especially in lesbian scenes

  9. Anonymous

    He dont post more sets of Masha because he not want to bring undesirable attention to the site, if you know what i mean, take easy bro.

  10. tyran

    Why? She looks legal after all. What about some NN shots of her? I prefer NN to legs wide open nude sets of teens tbh

  11. Slave to love

    I want to love her for ever, this sweet nudist overwhelms my senses

  12. Mr. Bumble

    Man she’s mega pretty why has she done such little modeling? I’d sign up if I could find her on a pay site

  13. Besotted Bloated Bud

    Wetblog, I humbly beg you to post more sets of this ravishing Masha. Even non-nude will be fine, I just want to see more of that perfect face which is worthy of being on the Hollywood big screen

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